Monday, April 23, 2007

A Thimble a Juiceglass or a Coffee Mug!

May God be with you!

When I really need to get going and get a lot done, I like one of those large mugs of coffee you can buy at Caribou. It holds a lot of coffee (and especially the accompanying caffeine) and with a shot of Hazelnut and a good amount of cream (gotta have that dairy group in the morning!) I’m ready and alert for the day.

With communion, we are each given an opportunity to be filled with God’s Grace which gives us a supernatural "boost". But how much Grace? I’ve wondered this knowing in my heart my sinful nature and the times, perhaps, I should have gone to confession before partaking in the “breaking of the bread”.

We are each vessels made by God to absorb His Grace. We are each “filled to the top” with His Grace. Yet, sometimes we may only be a thimble – able to hold only so much because of lack of Faith or distractions. Sometimes, we may be a juice glass – still filled to the top, but only able to hold a bit more. So how can we always be coffee mugs or bigger? Able to hold ALL of the Grace that God wants to pour into our souls? And God wants to give us so much!!! I am no theologian, just a Mom. But as I thought about this, I thought that God does not give us any challenge that He has not thought of ways to help us meet that challenge.

Communion is a special Sacrament filled with tons of Grace. God wants us to have it all! He allows us to have it every day if we want it! And to help us absorb that Grace – He has given us Confession. Not only does it clean up our souls, but it expands our ability to a supernatural level to absorb His Grace during Communion. We can go from a thimble to a 50 gallon drum in a matter of minutes!!! Wow!!!!!

Our very acts, each day can also expand our ability to accept His Grace. Sacrifices like fasting in quiet, service to our spouses without complaint, extra diligence at work can all be given as “gifts” offered up to God as we ask Him for a greater ability to receive Him and His Grace.

For those of us who have children celebrating their 1st Communion, as well all children who can partake of the Eucharist; we have been working on getting them ready to receive God’s Grace through Communion, but ourselves as well. Remember, as parents, we are given special Graces from God when we bring souls to Him. And you know how much He loves children!!!

So help your child this week to become more than a thimble. Help them give of themselves for Christ. Help them understand His Grace and their ability to accept this. Take a thimble, a juice glass and a large coffee mug. Have your child fill each with water until full. Explain that each vessel could be them and that the water is God’s Grace. Ask them which they want to be. Then help them! Pray with them, give them small projects for Jesus (help around the house etc. – getting schoolwork done without complaint). Take 15 minutes and visit Jesus in adoration! That’s a quicker filler-upper!!!

Let’s all be coffee mugs or more for Jesus!!!!

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