Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What A Loss It Would Be...

“Go sell everything you have...” 

This is an argument against the church that I hear from time to time.  It’s from people who really have no clue about what our Church teaches and does on a daily basis.

It’s important to know, that if the HHS Mandate goes through, it will become very diffucult for the Church in America to continue giving to all of the poor regardless of their faith.
I am so very proud of the Catholic Church.  We give and give and give without regard for faith, race, creed, country, politics, age, mental capacity. 

What a loss it would be if we didn’t have the Catholic Church to help our poor and those in need.

The picture below is a little off on what the Catholic church actually gives.  I’ve added a few stats but certainly not all on what the Church gives below.


·         Catholic Charities gave over 3 Million in 2011 to help others.  Many of them were not Catholic.  We didn’t’ care.

·         Peters Pence is the charitable “arm” of the Vatican.  This charity helps around the globe, those in need.  Many of them are not Catholic and it doesn’t matter to us. 
     This organization is funded by donors, people like you and I,  from all of the Catholic Parishes around the world; it raises about $80 million a year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    On July 22,2010, the Vatican announced a $250,000 gift by Pope Benedict XVI to rebuild a school in Port-Au-Prince that had been lost in Haiti's horrific earthquake.  This is just one example.

·         The Papal Foundation began in 1988 as a response to the desire of Catholic clergy and laity in the U.S. for a unique, sustainable way to support the Holy Father and his witness in the world.  The vision of the founding members and the commitment of the Stewards has resulted in a fund that has grown to over $139 million with a total of $70 million awarded in grants and scholarships.

What is my point?  

In the U.S. if the mandate of the HHS for “free” birth control pills, sterilization etc. goes through, the Catholic Church in America will be fined millions for non-compliance.  We are being forced to provide something we find to be immoral and against our religious beliefs.  

This is anti-religion.  This is against our freedom of religion.  This is UN-constitutional.  In addition, other Catholic agencies like Catholic universities, hospitals and other Catholic organizations will be fined for our beliefs.

State mandates (California and Illinois) for compliance of practices we find immoral (forcing the placement of adopted children into same sex relationships) has already made several Catholic Charities completely shut down their adoption agencies.  Right here in America!  We’re often portrayed as forcing our morals on others.  Nothing could be farther than the truth. So who is forcing who’s morals?

Please pass this on.  The mandate must be defeated.

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