Friday, March 17, 2006


This is my first attempt at blogging. Be patient and PRAY!

As my Blog says...I'm a Catholic Wife and Mom. Catholic meaning that I love my Lord above all and His Church and Teachings...Next I am the wife of the most wonderful man and I look to St. Joseph to help me keep my family close to God. Finally, I have been given the gift of children and I learn so much from sharing our Faith with them and seeing how God has touched them.

If I have anything to say....It is to pray. I am so insignificant. And yet, God chose me! He loves me! How can I ever turn away from that gift! He can do anything. And so, where I might have once tried to TELL and ARGUE with others about God and Truth. I find such confidence and comfort and peace through prayer. God can to ANYTHING! Hooray!

I love you God.

And, anyone out there, stumbling across this Blog - I love you too! Donna

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