Monday, March 27, 2006

North Korea vs Pro-Choice

An article has come to my attention regarding North Korea and their approval of the killing of any deformed or mentally impaired babies. This sounds just like the people who propose aborting babies because they are deformed or possibly mentally impaired. I see no difference. And yet, when presented with this commonality to a friend of mine, he was very upset that I would even compare a friend of his who said...

"The whole issue of a fetus be carried full term even if it is deformed and will be totally handicapped possibly be unable to eat, think, move on its own is also totally stupid."

...with the North Koreans and their policy of killing newborns who had any kind of disability.

I personally don't see any difference...Do you?

God bless you and may our Mother Mary bring you ever closer to her Son through the intercession of her prayers!

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